The Process

How our vehicles come to be.

In Colombia and Venezuela “4X4 Classics” have paid mechanics in the “field” that purposefully hunt down our specialty cars with their knowledge & expertise.

Vintage Toyota Land Cruisers are of course our specialty, but as you can see from our inventory, we do not look away from specialty and unique cars such as Jeep Willys, Old American Muscle Cars, vintage Land Rovers and the like. Any vintage and classic vehicle that is desirable in The U.S. and abroad.

Our hunter/mechanics search for cars that are already in good shape to begin with.  They can tell when an old car has been taken care of and maintained properly.  These cars go under scrutiny above and below the hood.  If it meets our quality expectations, it is then acquired and begins our restoration process.  All of our vehicles are off the chassis body restorations.  This makes for many aspects of the car being replaced with new parts when needed.  We cover details down to repacking and assembling bearings, to delicate dash instruments and gauges being skillfully cleaned, or replaced if need be.  Pistons are cleaned and compression tested.  Transmissions are taken apart and each gear inspected.  Every item is scrutinized.  If a part is not able to be restored to our expectations, it is replaced new. We give you proof with extensive coverage of the restoration process, including photos & video of each vehicle.

Our goal is to give you a quality product at reasonable cost… the next best thing to going back in time and purchasing it from the showroom floor.

If you have a particular vehicle you desire, but its not in our inventory, please contact us… so we can consciously be on the look-out and then contact you if found.